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Vashu Shastra is an ancient branch of science that deals vastly with architecture. Our ancestors have been following Vastu Shastra to lead a life filled with happiness and prosperity. Buildings like temples and palaces are some of the best examples of how beautiful buildings and structures are designed with Vastu Shastra. Astitva Construction is amongst the reputed Vastu consultant services in Gorakhpur. We are focused on offering you with various Vastu-related solutions. Read on to know more.

Vastu Shastra and its Significance

We all require a positive and prosperous workplace and home to live in. We pay attention to all the details and spend money on everything to ensure your home and workplace are welcoming. But we often forget to apply the guidelines of Vastu Shastra, which might affect our lives negatively.  Energies play a vital role in Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra agrees with the phenomenon that we are all made of energy. Energy encircles us and is also within us and surrounds us. This energy is known as Cosmic energy. If any imbalance occurs in this energy, it can draw negative outcomes. We should follow Vastu’s guidelines to ensure that we are surrounded with positivity.

Astitva Construction is one of the best Vastu consultant services in Gorakhpur. We are dedicated to providing the best Vastu solution to you for all your Vastu-related issues and queries. We have a team of expert vastu consultants who have been researching various aspects of vastu shastra and coming up with life-changing solutions for our clients. Our experts help you in channeling and balancing your cosmic energies. To do so, our experts follow the ideal directions and guidelines to activate the chakras. According to Vastu Shastra, every individual has four distinct directions from birth. At Astitva Construction, our experts study and analyze them to offer the best solution.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Happiness and Prosperity

  • General: The first rule of Vastu Shastra is to follow the most ideal direction to construct your office or your home. Each side of the office and house should be built to align with the Vastu Shastra guidelines. The main door should be in the best direction that aligns with your energy.
  • Kitchen: The kitchen is one of the most sacred places in the house other than your pooja ghar. It should always be hygienic, clean, and tidy. The kitchen should not face the main door, and ensure that your kitchen tap is not leaking as it signifies financial loss.
  • Living room: Your room should always be airy, spacious, and tidy. Place your furniture facing southwest to enhance the positivity. In our living room, you can add positive paintings like smiling pictures, mountains, etc.
  • Bedroom: You should not keep a mirror in your bedroom; even if you have one, it should not be facing your bed. Ensure to put a cloth on it whenever sleeping. Avoid keeping computers, laptops, and electronic devices in your bedroom.
  • Pooja room: The pooja room should always be separate from the toilet. You should always keep garbage bins in the pooja room.

Final Words:

Thus, at Astitva Construction, you can get Vastu consultation online or offline in Gorakhpur. We understand the importance of a happy and prosperous life, and our experts ensure we work diligently to offer you the best solutions for your Vastu requirements. We are among the most popular Vastu consultant services in Gorakhpur. Our team of experts is committed to providing the best results by studying and analyzing cosmic energies in and around your residential or commercial property. To know more about Astisva Construction Vastu Consultation, get in touch today!

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