The Ultimate Guide to Saving Space For Small Apartments

Do you wish to turn your small apartment into a spacious abode? Don’t worry we have got you covered. With our expert guide and tips, you can expand your small space by implementing these space-saving ideas. We have ideas for all, be it a living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, wardrobe, or storage room. Astitva Construction is known for home interior design in Gorakhpur. Read on to know more.

Some Space-Saving Ideas

Small Bedroom

A small bedroom should allow you to scale down on the room’s decor. You shouldn’t be afraid to go all out when decorating your bedroom. Bold colors help make the room bigger and expand the existing space visually. Instead of a king-size bed, opt for a queen-size bed with a nice headboard. Work on dressing up the bed nicely. Where you place your bed also plays an important role in determining the space. It is best to position your bed near the window as it catches all the light, making your bed seem spacious.

At Astitva Construction, we offer residential home interior design in Gorakhpur. We suggest using furniture that can be used to perform double duty, such as wardrobe doors, dressing mirrors, and beds that can be folded into a study or seating area. Use storage creatively. Use built-in drawers in the beds that can be used to make up for every inch available. Use corners near your bed for bedtime reading instead of side tables to save space. Place your mirror strategically, and it will help open up your bedroom space.


Limited and shortage of space can be used effectively for a wardrobe through a smart design choice. Sloped and corner wardrobes can be customized to fit in difficult spaces underneath sloping roofs or stairs. Sliding doors are a great option to substitute swinging doors in places where there is a shortage of space. Opting for a mirrored surface for wardrobe doors reflects backlight, making your bedroom look bigger and spacious. You can design a wardrobe that dispenses the door and offers an open look. Another important tip to save space in your wardrobe is to use storage boxes to keep the clothes and other items in your wardrobe. This helps in keeping everything organized. It will surprise you that even a small wardrobe can fit many things if good storage is used.


Clever shelving will be your best friend if you have a small kitchen. Utilizing the available space to build shelves is a good option to make more room. Space between your stove, fridge, space between fridge and wall, and cabinet doors can be used intelligently. Cabinets with glass doors or open shelves make your kitchen feel spacious and open. A kitchen island can be used as a built-in storage. It can be used as a countertop. Chairs can be settled into it. Opt for neutral colors and subtle lighting to create the illusion of a spacious kitchen.

Final Words:

Thus, if you are looking for residential home interior design in Gorakhpur, Astitva Construction is a reputed interior designing service company. We understand that your home is a place that should reflect comfort, and thus, we offer designs that turn your home into a comfortable and functional abode. Our team of experts works diligently to provide the best solutions that match your personality. To learn more about Astisva Construction’s home interior design in Gorakhpur, get in touch today!

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