Vastu Shastra: An Indian Approach to Harmonious Living

Have you ever thought about why people are not just drawn to Vastu Shastra but implemented in their newly constructed or existing homes? One of the intriguing things that make Vastu Shastra worth pursuing is its ability to unlock positive cosmic energies. It has been scientifically proven that people who have hired a reliable Vastu expert in Gorakhpur live happier and healthier lives. In the modern era, living in Vastu-compliant homes helps you improve wellbeing and attract positivity in your life.

How Vastu Shastra Actually Works?

Ancient science works on the basic principles of measurements, designs, spatial geometry, and space layout. The Vastu Shastra aims to unlock natural positive energies by aligning symmetry, geometric patterns, and directions. A certified Vastu consultant in Gorakhpur emphasizes the five essential elements: fire, wind, water, Earth, and space. He meticulously combines the characteristics of the five elements, the gravitational effect of the Earth, directional positioning, and the magnetic effect.

Key Vastu Directions and their After Effects

Directions play a significant role in ensuring a positive home in Vastu Shastra. This guide gives you a detailed understanding of important Vastu directions and their after-effects.

  • North Direction

The planet Mercury rules the north direction, which denotes wealth, money, and profits. A Vastu expert in Gorakhpur recommends this direction as favorable for living spaces, main doors, and cash storage amenities. If negative energies are present in this direction, an individual experiences nose and throat-related ailments and constant financial hardships.

  • East Direction

The planet Sun governs the east direction. The East denotes sunrise, which is linked with new beginnings. Proper orientation in the East direction fosters prosperity, health, and overall wellbeing. However, a malefic issue in the east direction causes fights between sons and fathers and can lead to serious health issues.

  • South Direction

The planet Mars rules the south direction. If any Vastu Dosha is found in the South direction, people are likely to encounter legal matters and disputes with elder brothers. It is advised to avoid the south direction for the entrances.

  • West Direction

The west direction is governed by Lord Varun, the god of rains. A west-facing direction resonates with stability and prosperity. A Vastu Dosh in the west direction causes serious damage to electrical appliances. Besides, family members would suffer from serious aches in the legs and bones.

  • North-East (Ishaan Direction)

It is the most sacred direction as it is associated with gods. This direction is auspicious for prayer rooms, meditation spaces, and fountains. Any Vastu Dosh in this direction aggravates family problems and leads to a downfall in wealth. Furthermore, the married couple experiences ups and downs due to the malefic effects in the Northeast direction.

  • North-West Direction (Vayavya Direction)

It has been found that Moon rules the North-West direction, one of the key celestial bodies of the Vastu Shastra. This direction displays emotions, tranquility, and relationships. If there are issues in this direction, there is a serious mental affliction, deterioration in the mother’s health, and disputes with neighbors. Moreover, unmarried females may face delays in marriages.

  • South-East Direction (Agneya Direction)

The southeast direction is associated with Lord Agni, the deity of fire. It is extremely auspicious for constructing kitchens. A Vastu Dosha in this direction leads to significant health issues in females and misunderstandings with the tenants. Besides, there are certain disputes, conflicts, and misunderstandings among the couples.

  • Southwest Direction

Lastly, the southwest direction is ruled by the Planet Rahu. This direction is ideal for placing master bedrooms and heavy furniture. A Vastu Dosha in this direction leads to Pitra Dosha. Moreover, the chances of theft are also likely to increase.

Vastu Shastra: Peace and Positivity Assured

Vastu Shastra is a precious gift from an ancient Indian civilization. The more you learn about its significance, the more you embrace the placement of things or changes in houses for good reasons. A Vastu-compliant home is designed to offer unwavering success, financial fulfillment, spiritual wellness, better interpersonal relationships, and sound health.

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Wrapping Up-Final Words

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